rehearsal log

Rehearsal #27 – Monday 16/03/2009 (het veem)
with Katinka
– warm-up: walking through space, hand surfings
– checks sound & lights & spacing
#1 run structure with lighting and sound (31′); feedback/talk
#2 runstructure with lighting and sound (22′)

Rehearsal #26 – Saturday 14/03/2009 (Dok)
observers: Lotte
– warm-up: moving joints, stretches
– radical practice: Chaos structure, maintain concentration and engagement for 45′
– EG jumping 5′; try-out the jumping sound for the break
– rehearse New Structure: attempt to integrate TLs and Stephie, and to clarify and extend the sections

Rehearsal #25 – Thursday 12/03/2009 (Dok)
– warm-up: game, walking different spaces
– practice hand surfing
– practice explore
– EG jumping 5′; try-out the jumping sound for the break
– focus on Chaos structure: practicing improvising with all the elements and constant shifts
– rehearsal New Structure: shorter version

Rehearsal #24 – Wednesday 11/03/2009 (Dok)
observers: Maria, Igor
– costumes round-up
– warm-up
– EG jumping 5′
– try structure #One –
try structure #Two; guidelines: take out expressionism, take out sound, always relaxed faces and active eyes, use of Chaos and Polyphony structures, multiply the breaking of TLs, use range of physical intensities (only in the movement)

Rehearsal #23 / DRY RUN – Monday 09/03/2009 (Dok)
observers: Gabriel Smeets, Gonnie Heggen, Giulio D’Anna, Orfée Schuijt, Nitay Juran, Uros Kaurin, Lotte, Pablo, Katinka
– warm-up
– practices explore and destroy
– EG jumping 20′
– run structure
– feedback session: questions about structure, about Stephie’s role and the TLs, expressionistic materials bringing up a necessity to understand the meaning, Control / very rigid choreography suggests meaning

Rehearsal #22 – Saturday 07/03/2009 (Dok)
observers: Maria
– costumes session
– warm-up
– practices layered build-up solos
– EG jumping 5′
– rehearse structure for dry-run: Composed Build Up Score

Rehearsal #21 – Thursday 05/03/2009 (Dok)
– warm-up:
– practices Explore (5′)
– practices Non Expressionistic Destroy (5′) +
Expressionistic Destroy (10′) + adding sound (5′)
– practices hand surfing (5′)
– practices build-up solos: multiple layers (face, sound, body tension, coninuity, seeing vs. visualizing, energy, speed)
– try structure for dry-run: Composed Build Up Score

Rehearsal #20 – Wednesday 04/03/2009 (Dok)
– Merijn: sampling of sounds
– warm-up: contact, walks through space, line with sounds imitation
– practices Explore (10′)
– practices Destroy (15′)

Rehearsal #19 – Wednesday 04/03/2009 (S6.02)
– TLs with Stephie (and Katinka): looking at the progression and at Stephie’s placement
in space (before, after, in between the lamps). simplifying material.

Rehearsal #18 – Tuesday 03/03/2009 (S8.09)
– TLs with Stephie:
gestures, different lamp movements, sequence of changes in space, performativity

Rehearsal #17 – Monday 02/03/2009 (S6.02)
observers: Lotte
– costume try-out, fotos
– warm-up: walk through space in a line, voice imitation, into hands surfing with voice, dissolve voice and HS, back into it, into expressionistic solos
– ®: short EG jumping (25’)

– trying small structure: build up and then down of solos into expressionistic solos, eventually adding couple elements and other variations

Rehearsal #16 – Wednesday 25/02/2009 (Dok)
with Stephie’s participation
– spatial warm-up with voice
– ®: short EG jumping (25’ + preparations)

– trying out a score: very slow beginning with 2 people laying on their backs and 2 other exploring them quietly; adding of little layers; 1 stands up for expressionistic solo; everyone joins exp. solos; build down
– practice expressionistic solos

Rehearsal #15 – Tuesday 24/02/2009 (Dok)
with Stephie’s participation
– contact warm-up, sharing weight, touching, pushing
– hands surfing practice
– explore/destroy practices
– eyes practice: seeing the space, looking at each other, being looked at

Rehearsal #14 – Monday 23/02/2009 (Dok)
observers: Stephie
– spatial warm-up with voice sounds
– ®: short EG jumping (22’ + preparations)

– Destroy practice, with an expressionistic approach (exxagerated representational gestures, voice, amplifications)
– Expressionistic Solos: solos made out of recollections, bits of memories and materials recalled mainly from the Destroy practice, but exxagerated and taken to an extreme, using the voice and visualizing imaginary partners

Rehearsal #13 – Thursday 19/02/2009 (S8.10)
– spatial warm-up
– ®: short EG jumping (20’ + preparations)

– Solo Recollection Dances: going in and out of the back pose, doing very short bits of recollections; adding (subtly) different lengths of material; starting and dropping, or going in and out of the material; group dynamics;
– confusing talk about Representation,
actually trying to talk about expressionism and exaggeration of the materials

Rehearsal #12 – Wednesday 18/02/2009 (S6.07)
observers: Stephie, Katinka
– spatial warm-up + hands surfing warm up (reverberation of touch)
– ®: short EG jumping (15’ + preparations)

– Hands Surfing practice (20′): slightly active body for the surfed, hands&arms-to-center connection for the surfers; active eyes for everyone; swap roles
– TLs moved in space

Rehearsal #11 – Monday 16/02/2009 (S6.07)
observers: Stephie
– ®: short EG jumping (15’ + preparations and warm-up)
– Explore practice (25′): enter the space, lay down on backs and then 2 start exploring the other 2, eventually the explored start bringing in recollections, in the end they slowly swap roles
– talk about use of the eyes and face
– laying on the back: short score of going slowly in and out of the pose

Rehearsal #10 – Saturday 14/02/2009 (Dok studio big)
observers: Lotte, Igor
– walking warm-up with attention to use of space and use of eyes
– hand surfing throughout space, in touch with bodies, floor, air and imagination
– ®: EG jumping (32’)
, had a very good intensity
– voice: trying out possible sounds with voice and throat/mouth noises (screaming, shouting, whining); also laying on their backs
– short practices of hand surfing and Explore/Destroy
– 12′ improvisation: usign all known elements (Explore/Destroy/recollection solo dances/hand surfing/EG jumping/laying on their backs)

Rehearsal #09 – Monday 09/02/2009 (S6.09)
– recollection solo dances: trying to clarify what they are, and exploring different parameters within them (use of the eyes, shifts and changes, interactions, exiting)
– scores: couple + solo + repetitive action

Rehearsal #08 – Saturday 07/02/2009 (Dok studio small)
observers: María Noel and Stephie
– briefly writing down a list recollections and memories of past practices
– ®: EG jumping (30’ + preparations and warm-up)

– lay on back poses
– practice hand surfing
– little score: a couple swaps between exploring (simultaneously) and destroying (alternately) each other, + 1 solo dance with recollections
– little score: a couple swaps roles within hand surfing + 1 solo dance with recollections; solo and destroyed can do lay on back pose
– juxtapose both scores

Rehearsal #07 – Monday 02/02/2009 (Dok studio small)
observers: Lotte
– ®:
warm-up, preparations, EG jumping (26’), shaking (10′, end of rehearsal)
– explore/destroy as a practice
– little score: a couple swaps between exploring (simultaneously) and destroying (
alternately) each other, + 1 solo dance with recollections
– everyone destroys everyone

Rehearsal #06 – Saturday 31/01/2009 (Dok studio small)
observers: Stephie
– ®:
warm-up, preparations, EG jumping (25’?), shaking (20′?)
– explore/destroy: the explored/destroyed also add short bits of movement out of recollections from past explore/destroy practices
– hand surfing: in couples, one on the other; quarttet, everyone at the same time

Rehearsal #05 – Thursday 29/01/2009 (S6.09)
– ®:
warm-up, preparations, EG jumping (25’?), rope (5′), shaking (20′?)
– explore/destroy as a practice: couples, bring the focus to onesefl in one’s own activity (exploring/destroying)
– laying on the back pose
– solo recollection dances: little improvisations with material recollected from past practices of explore/destroy; score of alternating recollection solos (entering and exiting space)

Rehearsal #04 – Monday 26/01/2009 (Dok studio big)
– ®: running (40’, outside, together in silence; it was quite cold)
– little scores: 10’ score, same structure but different tasks for each performer (thinking task + activity/recollection task + ‘laying on their backs’ pose task)
– improvisation: entering space, uncomfortable laying down on their backs looking at the audience with eyes up side down, over and over again
– ® short practice for body memory: 5’ rope jumping, 5’ EG jumping
– talk on practicalities and on approaching improvisation in rehearsal as performance

Rehearsal #03 – Saturday 24/01/2009
®: StudioCombi (joints warm-up, 20’ EG jumping, 5’ individual practice rope, 10’ shaking)
work in couples, long time frames. 30’ frame, choice between Exploration/Destruction
writing, log
talks: evolution of the tasks, different approaches, concentration, performance of the tasks (idea of audience came in)

Rehearsal #02 – Friday 23/01/2009 (Dok studio small)
®: StudioCombi (joints warm-up, little research on EG jumping, little research on shaking, little research on rope)
– work in couples. Task1: Explore your partner. Task2: Destroy your partner
associative writing, log

Rehearsal #01 – Monday 19/01/2009 (S6.03)
®: StudioCombi (joints warm-up, walk-to-run low center, EG diverse)
work in couples. Task: Explore your partner
associative writing, log
Talk about desire – associations, social codes, word, feeling, etc.


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