practicing performing being a member of the audience (pablo)

I’ve been thinking for quite a while about the places of exposition of the choreographer, the places in which I can take the risk that the performers are taking. or the places in which I can accompany them in that risk.

one of them is, of course, the blog. one of the aspects I like about writing the blog is that it also makes me public. specially my stupidity and limitations, and my doubts and insecurities. I find it fair (and hopefully constructive?) to have a space where I am also forced to let go of my shyness, where I can’t be safe in not being seen.

another one is the bow. I always bow with the performers not so much because I like to do it, but because I like to have the gesture of taking responsibility. whatever the response of the audience is, I like to be share it with the performers.

and the last one, which I experienced very very strongly in these performances, is sitting in the audience. feeling also a bit exposed there (maybe because, in our audiences, many people know who is involved in each work), also taking responsibility. but I noticed specially this time how much there is to sense, to have a supportive presence – supportive both for the performers and for the audience. to transpire good energy. to resist the temptation to indicate things with your body, to resign any gesture of guiding the other spectators. to relax, to not take personally the reactions of the audience. to enjoy laughs, comments, sighs, yawns, noises, coughs, creaks, farts, etc, as signs of a live audience, of people sharing their time with us.

these days, sitting in the audience was very intense. almost like performing.


~ by pfontdevila on March 23, 2009.

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