premiere (pablo)

I loved today’s performance. many things came together. also all the tech worked quite fine, in spite of yesterday’s accidents with the TLs. I loved sitting in the middle of the audience and being completely stressed about it and just working a lot on trying to sense them, to feel how people were reacting… quite intense. I had the feeling that the audience was quite activated by the piece, and that made me happy. they might have been thinking a lot of things, but they felt sort of uneasy and yet engaged, people seemed to be very restless. and quite reactive. so maybe we just were lucky to have a very lively (and full) audience… it was great.

and then: performers worked great today, I loved their energy and timing, I felt very moved and I appreciated a lot their work. thank you guys again…


~ by pfontdevila on March 21, 2009.

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